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Colors in Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS Basics - Part 3

How to use colors in Tailwind CSS

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How to Install Tailwind CSS Explained!

Tailwind CSS Basics - Part 2

Beginners guide on how to install Tailwind CSS using the Tailwind CLI

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Prerequisites for Learning Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS Basics - Part 1

The minimum CSS knowledge you need to know before jumping into Tailwind CSS

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What to Learn After Learning Basics of HTML

HTML Basics - Part 8

So you have learned the basics of HTML and now you want to move forward but what comes next?

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What is Semantic HTML

HTML Basics - Part 7

When an element explains itself.

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Add Contact Form to HTML Page

HTML Basics - Part 6

We’re going to add a contact form to our “contact us” page.

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What are HTML div and span

HTML Basics - Part 5

We need to cover two elements and those are div and span elements.

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Add Hyperlinks and Navigation to HTML page

HTML Basics - Part 4

We are going to add some links and navigation to our project.

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Add Images to HTML Page

HTML Basics - Part 3

Learn how to add images to your HTML page.

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HTML Common Elements, Headings and Text

HTML Basics - Part 2

Let’s go through some common HTML elements.

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